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screw youtube (el 21/11/11 a las 8:12 pm)
@1519kyle I feel the "gift economy" would work really well and should be our end goal, but as he said he takes a shift on consciousness. Transitioning to that point will likely require several approaches to tweak the current system such as ecological economics and other resource-based strategies
Ingemar Nilsson (el 12/11/11 a las 11:35 am)
Great talk and ideas Charles! When he talks about pollution taxes at 16:18 it reminds me of at story I one heard. A european company building excavators was incorporated into a large multimanufacturer of excavators. The engineers went to their new head office and were presented with machines that were maid there. They were surprised to se a lot of "peasant-engineering" with heavy stuff and uncomfortable driver seats etc. Why? Low taxes on fuel and no laws on driver's working environment...
freesk8 (el 22/11/11 a las 6:49 am)
For an alternative view, look up Francisco D'Anconia on The Root of Evil or money speech. It is not money that is the problem. It is the bad choices that people make regarding money that is the problem. Money is just a vehicle. But it can not replace you as the driver. True money, gold and silver-based money, are voluntary and honest. We give to those we love. But there will always be many others whom we do not love, and whom we want to deal with "at arms length." Money is useful here.
albanypeacenik (el 27/01/12 a las 3:52 am)
The chain of influential economists must now read something like: Hume, Smith, Marx, Kaynes, Hayek, Friedman and next Charles Eisenstein.
benandreas369 (el 09/05/13 a las 5:56 am)
Or we just get rid of money. We CAN calculate resources using science, even if free marketers don't think so. We have automation to produce enough food for the planet to create an abundance. Peter Diamandis abundance u tube it!
Corneilius Crowley (el 03/11/11 a las 4:02 pm)
Those with empathy intact need no rules, for they FEEL how to behave... Greed is a symptom of a deeper malady... and if we understand how that is to some degree internalised by all of us, then we gain a personal and useful insight towards deconstructing the status quo. The personal is also the political. The OCCUPY phenomenon is imho a learning and growing of this awareness. Go OCCUPY! It's the most realistically loving movement yet!
B Charron (el 11/02/12 a las 7:30 pm)
where do I find out more about joining this alternative currency association? Any links?
The Western Rationalist (el 14/03/12 a las 4:44 am)
P3 So humans creating artificial volumes of currency which is only a psychological concept to help speculation on real commodities, goods & services not their actual utility. Real Money though is a natural phenomenon - plants provide necter as away to co-opt social insects to transfer information (genetic) to other plants this increased inputs into the synthesis of energy (calories) & information - to make a system of trades not just predation - the most natural model is thus the co-operative
screw youtube (el 21/11/11 a las 8:13 pm)
This discussion really hit the the nail on the head for what we need to change and how to go about it. I feel this is an articulate foundation for a way forward with our species, thank you so much for putting so many critical issues into one accessible package.
The Western Rationalist (el 14/03/12 a las 4:39 am)
P2 With respect to Mr Charles Einstein he is confusing currency in it various conceptions (unit of exchange which you need to be as low as possible so that it does not effect or cause barriers to exchange but real money is a unit of value i.e value is effected by the application of technology & human innovation to resources as not all resources values are known as not all the utility is known as not all technology has been created its this disharmonious paradox in money that must be solved)

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