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History, its often said, is written by the victors so how accurate is our understanding of history? Six distinguished University of Minnesota professors from fields ranging from African Studies to surgery, come together to examine current perspectives in U.S. history. What was America like after the Civil War? What really went on during the Cuban Missile Crisis? And where do we stand now on the spectrum of accuracy in recording history?

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kevin magdiel castillo canales (el 08/06/14 a las 5:58 pm)
that ok
Catharina Conijn (el 01/06/14 a las 1:08 pm)
De Zandmotor is een grote aanwinning voor de Nederlandse kust. Uitvinder van de zandmotor is Prof. Dr. Ir. M. STIVE.
untamedlion33 (el 06/01/14 a las 7:54 pm)
disgusting communist commentary. I'd like to point out it was all Democrats making these evil things they way they were, and Republicans that fixed them.
Leni (el 15/12/13 a las 4:45 am)
The killings of three of our friends... "It's not just who but why? It's the why that still maybe in place that is really being protected. The continued practice of unjust wars for gross profit, the continued reliance in bank's class structured society and the murder of good people simply because they have a different opinion on a way new way of life. That's why the who gets a free pass by hiding under the guise of national security. National security has become nothing but personal security for the power rich white elite who are the who in who killed the Kennedy's and friend Martin "-LENI
Ariel62073 (el 14/09/11 a las 3:34 am)
How many homosexual presidents have we had in the United States? I mean "had" in the following sense: How many gays have been president?
Benjamin Stone (el 20/08/12 a las 10:55 pm)
... a college- presentation? Hm.
maverickM249 (el 31/07/13 a las 7:22 am)
Mr. Marx, stalin is crashing your party
iamastupidhead84 (el 16/06/11 a las 7:08 pm)
I love history! :)
Graham Dodd (el 05/04/13 a las 2:03 am)
Listen to that part again. They say exactly what you say, you must have misheard.
YouTubeRevolutionary (el 12/06/12 a las 12:42 pm)
"It was a territory"?!? I didn't realize that being the victim of an illegal war of agression was actually a vailed desire to become part of a land mass which is 4125 km away. I guess the Hawaiian people heard about the good deal the Indians got & couldn't pass up their chance to own a casino in 100 years. Look jerk, a "territory" is not a state. It's a concentration camp. It was annexed by the criminalistic USA against the will of the people.

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