Belly Dance Clips - Sadie - رقص شرقى



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Amazing belly dance performance...worth your "Like"!

Canal: Entertainment
Subido: 23/02/11 a las 1:24 am
Autor: MuslimLikeMe

Duración: 03:34
Valoración: 4.8257246
Vistas: 3257070


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iamanonymous1 (el 30/10/14 a las 4:09 am)
My favorite!
truestar070 (el 24/04/14 a las 1:46 pm)
Sheer Brilliance!
wael elsaadawy (el 28/01/14 a las 5:23 am)
If I got the sense that I'm watching an electrical doll, then I'm sorry .. You are not a real belly Baladi Dancer ! You're awesome with the moves, but whoever teach you that this is the way it should be, was very .. very wrong!
Aysha Noble Goins (el 08/04/14 a las 9:57 am)
Belly Dance Clips - Sadie - رقص شرقى
ari gomez (el 06/01/14 a las 6:27 pm)
super!! :o
Acirema Konata Nya Biersack Styles Nya (el 06/08/14 a las 5:46 pm)
Mike Smith (el 21/03/14 a las 7:52 pm)
Twerk nothing. sign me up for this shit. best i've seen.
jacki Honey (el 13/12/13 a las 10:23 pm)
Santosh Kumar (el 29/11/13 a las 5:52 pm)
i think no 1 can beat sadie this damce if any 1 pl let me now she is the best...
cassie swindle (el 05/03/14 a las 7:16 am)
i bet her abs are like stone. that was fucking AMAZING!!!!! :D 

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