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DoomDriver32 (el 12/01/15 a las 6:43 am)
Anybody know the song name in 0:35 ???
Ferhat Sezen (el 22/05/15 a las 2:20 am)
John Iosifidis (el 10/03/15 a las 6:38 pm)
Wayne cates (el 24/07/14 a las 5:32 pm)
Nice video but it didn't really explain what rally is. How far usually are races? do you have to have two people in the car? What are the requirements for any vehicle participating? How did it get started etc so forth and so on. Any good sources for someone who would like to convert an old car to be able to race?
Maurizio Barone (el 28/11/14 a las 7:28 am)
NonAlcoholRider (el 16/09/14 a las 6:42 am)
very nice vid
kozorog123 (el 25/02/14 a las 12:19 am)
Every day i look this video.
TheRedbikemaster (el 20/04/14 a las 8:21 am)
I'm going to be starting this summer! I watch this over and over from excitement.
Harry Zet (el 05/03/14 a las 11:34 pm)
Janusz kapala (el 04/03/14 a las 5:26 pm)
For those who are just getting interested in rallying watch this

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