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Edward Vantas (el 16/05/15 a las 12:27 am)
the movie to end all movies. 
Karthik Nair (el 14/03/15 a las 3:57 pm)
They screamed for the twilight guy and silence for Ed Norton? Fuck the world 
Matías Anríquez (el 02/06/15 a las 3:01 am)
Ok I get it, Jimmy Kimmel has a lot of celebrity friends
SteveTheDruid (el 14/03/15 a las 11:59 pm)
Man Gary Oldman gives the best perfomance IN EVERYTHING THAT HE IS IN!
Brent'sCardsAnd Coins (el 05/05/15 a las 7:42 am)
White Hitler used politics, gained control, and killed millions. Black Hitler aimed to kill billions in a single blow. I wonder what Asian Hitler will do.
Max Power (el 11/06/15 a las 2:44 pm)
This is just too stupid to be funny. How can anyone laugh to this?
• Addict With A Pen • 卌 (el 02/05/15 a las 12:31 am)
Is it weird I think Matt Damon is like a mix between Leonardo Dicaprio and Mark Wahlberg
Kelsey Ca (el 07/05/15 a las 5:39 am)
once you go black Hitler, you never go back Hitler... words to live by
Andre Morales (el 25/01/15 a las 3:24 am)
Yeah chewbacca tap that! Tap Kate beckinsale
The 0ne Wh0 Kn0cKs (el 20/03/15 a las 6:32 pm)
the fuck did I just see?

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