24 Hours in... London



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London is huge, historic, and very hip, whether you're looking for theater, art, music, or— yes, it's true— world-class restaurants.

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travel agadir (el 02/10/14 a las 8:19 am)
Magical!! Awesome!! Unique!! Great work!!
Mautu Farani Ioapo (el 16/05/14 a las 1:41 am)
mautu ioapo confrom 24 hours in london thonk you youtube videos in my loaptop compter goodday by mautu ioapo 16.5.2014 thonk you goodday 
Bhupendra Singh (el 23/05/13 a las 8:44 pm)
An overview of royal london at glance...
artur sochocki (el 01/02/13 a las 7:31 am)
skippytwitz (el 17/08/12 a las 2:14 pm)
it actually rains more in rome than it does in london
The R E V O L T Code (el 09/11/12 a las 3:45 am)
What New York did you visit? Hands down it's one of the best cities on earth and there's nothing overdone about it. Everything happens here, and there's tons of opportunities to make it big. Every race, nationality, background, etc. is represented here. NY is a great place to be.
furno1962 (el 21/08/12 a las 3:29 pm)
ha ha ha, it actually rains on many more days in the year in London than Rome! how much rain actually falls through the year is different thing as is the fact that in Rome the sun comes out and dries everything far quicker than it ever could do London.please no silly comparisons based on silly tourism data!
marc anthony (el 29/09/12 a las 11:25 am)
london do have only 1 bad side and that is, extremely rain.
Søren Kristensen (el 26/05/13 a las 10:56 am)
What about Abbey Road?
ourorboros2 (el 15/03/13 a las 5:38 pm)
white is not a requirement to be English. I'm white and despite being born in Australia i still have British citizenship, does the fact im white give me a right to be here over a black person who's family goes back 3,4,5 generations? just because someone has more or less pigment in their skin doesn't make them any more or less English. as said, if you want a country thats entirely white move to Antarctica coz as a londoner we dont want nor need your filth in this country.

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