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Music video by Live performing Lightning Crashes. (C) 2004 Radioactive Records J.V.

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Subido: 17/06/09 a las 12:19 am
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Curtis Stone (el 07/03/14 a las 4:15 am)
Today's song that I wanted to share is Live's Lightning Crashes... reminds me of my apprenticeship days in the kitchen all those years ago, it's funny how a song can just take you right back to those moments.. such a great one to belt out in the car too hahaha Live - Lightning Crashes
FRIDAY NIGHT SESSIONS (el 24/11/13 a las 8:25 pm)
*On this day... 1970* *Happy Birthday, Chad Taylor* - Guitarist for Live #Live #OnThisDay #RRHK #ChadTaylor 
Jodi S (el 06/05/14 a las 3:15 am)
Brianna Lee (el 26/03/14 a las 5:00 pm)
Love, love, love LIVE!!! 
deathtokoalas (el 21/02/14 a las 9:53 am)
if i wrote some historical music essays that described live as emo - and presented an argument for it - what would the reaction be? i mean, i know it's not a common designation. i think it's the correct one, but i know i'm going to get some emo people yelling at me. overall, though, i'm just curious as to how people that listened to live would react. i mean, live never really fit as alt. rock. do they fit better as emo? what do their fans think? i loved live up to the distance to here, but it was more of a continuity related to growing up listening to rem and u2. i remember checking life's rich pageant and green out of the public library when i was about seven or eight, and getting my uncle to dub me copies of u2's discography at roughly the same age. i was a precocious child. so, i connected to live like that - as an extension of my precocious, jangle rock childhood (which also included genesis, the bangles and the b-52s). i was a teenager through the 90s, so, naturally, i was mostly into harder edged music: industrial and punk, mostly. so, excluding getting into sdre through radiohead, i was mostly oblivious to the existence of that whole quiet math emo thing. further, by the time i'd grown up enough to expand my tastes, post-rock was the go to: mogwai, gybe, tortoise. it's something i skipped over. (looking back, i honestly don't think i missed much) how about the rest of you? did you listen to what was called emo in the 90s? to be clear, i'm talking about stuff like mineral, not stuff like drive like jehu.
Darren Breton (el 05/01/14 a las 2:13 pm)
song came out in 95 or 96 I believe.
Jenn Whitehouse (el 25/01/14 a las 3:53 pm)
Touching song
Tracy Catnip (el 18/04/14 a las 12:52 am)
A fave from the 90's.
Ronald van Roon (el 17/01/14 a las 7:53 pm)
Love the album Throwing Copper! The song Lightning Crashes still give me goosebumps when i hear it.
Sollux Moonlight (el 03/03/14 a las 2:58 pm)
still my fav song

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