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Rafael Recinos (el 02/07/15 a las 7:41 pm)
Corey Taylor brought me here.
Ryan Costello (el 20/01/15 a las 9:46 am)
This Band is amazing My older brother Jared Van Horn died on his way back from traveling cross country to see them live in concert in 2001. The band heard about his passing and sent my Mother a Platinum Album of "Distance To Here" and also dedicated the "V" 2001 CD to my brother. This was his favorite song. THANK YOU LIVE
Diego Perez (el 13/07/15 a las 3:49 am)
Pale blue colored eyes! 
Crystal Blankenheim (el 21/07/15 a las 7:32 am)
Sarah Smile (el 25/07/15 a las 4:41 am)
Oh now feel it, comin' back again Like a rollin', thunder chasing the wind Forces pullin' from The center of the earth again I can feel it.
Matt Miller (el 01/06/15 a las 4:26 am)
*Good song from the past, **#LightingCrashes* *#Live**. Have a good night PEPZ enjoy*'⚡️🌠✌🏻️ MILLERTIME...
Benny Salomonsson (el 08/07/15 a las 7:18 pm)
samsquanch1996 (el 20/06/15 a las 12:32 pm)
back before alternative rock was really pop-ish. what the fuck happened to the genre?

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