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NO! This is from the Cop Out trailer, directed by Kevin Smith and starring Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan and Sean William Scott. Copyright to Warner Bros. Studios.

Canal: Comedy
Subido: 07/01/10 a las 8:35 am
Autor: James Shanley

Duración: 00:14
Valoración: 4.9392405
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Superbandicoot64 (el 22/04/14 a las 1:35 am)
my reaction when after playing hours of fallout 3 without saving, it tells me "fallout 3 has stopped working"
vmanpro2k7 (el 13/03/14 a las 9:27 pm)
my reaction when i heard vince wilfork will be leaving the patriots
Kris Russell (el 27/03/14 a las 6:21 pm)
My reaction after watching the Bayturtles trailer...
TroyCvD (el 31/03/14 a las 11:49 am)
This video describes my feeling with Watch Dogs being delayed
Thegreatercheese (el 16/03/14 a las 4:02 pm)
this is what I say to people who to tell me to go watch some stupid anime.
mantyke66770 (el 17/12/13 a las 2:48 am)
My reaction to MLP:FiM.
RedTornado279 (el 17/02/14 a las 4:53 am)
whenever I see those "1 like = 1 prayer" pictures on facebook
Nicklaus Moore (el 03/01/14 a las 12:49 pm)
My reaction when a guy say's I think I'm going to marry my girlfriend before I deploy.
ken bui (el 20/12/13 a las 7:02 pm)
everyone's (possible) reaction to their boyfriend/girlfriend wanting to break up with their spouses 
Varro asis (el 02/07/13 a las 3:56 pm)

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