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BUY THIS SONG HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/al um/red-roses/id934916688 "Without You" Music Video featuring AJ Rafael & Sarah Garcia directed by Ross Ching http://rossching.com produced by George Wang http://youtube.com/georgewang8... Don Le director of photography - Gabriel Lewis associate producer - Christine Chen My Godfather, "Kuya" Frank, passed away last October after a 4-year long battle with cancer and it struck a familiar feeling in my gut. My Dad passed away when I was 10 and the reailty of losing another father figure really hit me hard. I wrote this song not about a death or losing someone to an illness, but about wanting to be with someone so bad that you couldn't go another day without them-- but this song spoke differently to my Kuya Frank's wife Ate Rhea. She told me that she listened to this song as if it was Kuya Frank singing to her, fighting for her, and wanting to be there for her through all of this. Thus, the original concept for this video was born and it stuck in my head-- and I pray that this video helps you realize that you are not alone in your struggle, whether it is you or a loved one going through it. Don't forget to let your loved ones know that you love them... We never know what tomorrow might bring. "Without You" written by AJ Rafael produced by Jesse Barrera instruments by the AJ Rafael Band AJ Rafael, Andrew Rhim, Noah Bartfield, & Danny Morledge @ajrafael, @andrewrhim, @noahbartfield, @dannymorledge background vocals by Tori Kelly @torikelly This video is based on The Five Stages of Grief (Kübler-Ross model). Everyone who deals with a life-changing or life-threatening event has a unique journey to go through, but I still hope that you all can relate to this in one way or another. http://facebook.com/ajrafaelmu... Full Credits [at the end of the video] last song is the outro to my album "Red Roses" on track 11 (Here All Alone pt 3) The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society® - Official Website http://lls.org

Canal: Music
Subido: 12/07/11 a las 8:50 am
Autor: AJ Rafael

Duración: 04:13
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holycrapitsceleste (el 05/01/15 a las 8:52 am)
They should've put this as a soundtrack on the fault in our stars
oEllliieeeo (el 08/10/14 a las 5:15 am)
This song brings me to tears every single time. It's so beautiful.
Rolando Santos (el 08/03/15 a las 5:46 am)
whats the piano music used in the ending part of the song?
kevin jeronne gador (el 17/01/15 a las 12:03 pm)
whats the piano music used in the ending part of the song?
Jeremiah Rivera (el 24/02/15 a las 5:11 pm)
is he a pinoy?
Gena Nunez (el 06/03/15 a las 3:16 am)
"Without You" AJ Rafael [Official Music Video]: http://youtu.be/LFTKJefr3AA
Niña Norisa Maranga (el 15/08/14 a las 11:25 pm)
I won't go another day without you 
Blahblah Lalalalala (el 04/04/15 a las 4:26 pm)
Lahvvvvvvv it :D
Miguel09251 (el 07/03/15 a las 9:49 am)
Five Stages of Coping: DABDA Stage 1: Denial Stage 2: Anger Stage 3: Bargaining Stage 4: Depression Stage 5: Acceptance
Bimbi Ann Ramirez (el 28/02/15 a las 2:17 pm)
"Without You" AJ Rafael [Official Music Video]: http://youtu.be/LFTKJefr3AA

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