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Watch the Breaking Dawn Official Trailer - - Subscribe! Bad Teacher hits theaters on June 24th, 2011. Cast: Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel, John Michael Higgins, Lucy Punch, Molly Shannon, Eric Stonestreet Some teachers just don't give an F. For example, there's Elizabeth (Cameron Diaz). She's foul-mouthed, ruthless, and inappropriate. She drinks, she gets high, and she can't wait to marry her meal ticket and get out of her bogus day job. When she's dumped by her fiance, she sets her plan in motion to win over a rich, handsome substitute (Justin Timberlake) - competing for his affections with an overly energetic colleague, Amy (Lucy Punch). When Elizabeth also finds herself fighting off the advances of a sarcastic, irreverent gym teacher (Jason Segel), the consequences of her wild and outrageous schemes give her students, her coworkers, and even herself an education like no other. Bad Teacher trailer courtesy Columbia Pictures.

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666melodeath666 (el 11/12/14 a las 9:09 am)
Bad Teacher Movie that's exactly what it is a "bad" teacher movie
anas issoulane (el 16/08/14 a las 1:16 am)
Hold my balls XDD 2:22
Idealno Loša (el 22/09/14 a las 10:54 am)
Oh dear, this movie is hilarious. 
spectro7y (el 13/12/14 a las 7:28 pm)
JASON SEGEL: Can´t act. Not funny. So pathetic.
grace m (el 02/04/14 a las 7:14 am)
i loved this movie, it was HILARIOUS, one of my favorites for sure.
Kylei Pritchard (el 03/09/14 a las 4:25 am)
Okay and nobody asked u neo maverick.. some ppl like the movie others don't who cares but when their juding the actors for the part they play is rude thts all im saying.. Idc if u like it or not and i don't think u should be running ur mouth about me when there's other ppl.. and if it was "UR" movie then u would have uploaded it urself so u can go on somewhere else with ur stankbooty comments
DaneOfScandinavy (el 04/05/14 a las 10:31 pm)
This film is one of the worst I've ever seen. The main character is a fucking idiot and should be sent 10 years in jail!
jimmy michaels (el 13/10/14 a las 11:17 pm)
wow another stupid worthless trashy movie. Only proves that Hollywood lost it's creativity. 
sean knot (el 02/11/14 a las 4:58 am)
*basic bitch movie
Rainy Jane (el 05/10/14 a las 11:57 am)
Let me guess. In the end she ends up caring about the students and doesn't care if she gets with the hot sub. 

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