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kljMN2 (el 08/01/12 a las 12:45 am)
I actually feel bad for Vera.... there's nothing worse than choking away a big match......
kljMN2 (el 08/01/12 a las 12:24 am)
I was SO bummed with Flavia losing to Kerber at the Open.... :(
brandonfort12345 (el 22/11/12 a las 7:30 am)
Love zvonarevas grunts
Baritone Master (el 24/09/11 a las 7:27 pm)
vera did play passive on those mps but props to flavia she hit winners it cud have been sooo easy for to make an error but she stepped it up
WeLoveMaria2 (el 23/09/11 a las 10:42 pm)
Vera has grown so much since this match
gnammy17 (el 24/09/11 a las 11:19 am)
OH...thank you're the best...Vera and Flavia played amazing...this match is one of the most emotional of the WTA!
julianawztv (el 24/09/11 a las 5:47 am)
@WeLoveMaria2 yes she does but I kinda miss this fiesty vera
kljMN2 (el 08/01/12 a las 12:49 am)
@falks941 - very true!
W Murphy (el 16/08/12 a las 3:59 am)
LOL@ Vera moonballing Flavia on match point. No wonder she lost.
Jason Bertovic (el 06/04/12 a las 2:11 am)
This is vintage zvonareva. Now, she's a pusher, never attacks. Her backhand isn't as aggressive as before.

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