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Natiii das Einhorn (el 26/05/15 a las 8:06 pm)
I'm going to google her ass but only on Google Maps 
Mark Minez (el 28/05/15 a las 6:24 pm)
I still love this song Nicki made the song so much better !!
Lhourd Fernando (el 25/05/15 a las 6:33 am)
I came here for Nicki's verse
Leone レオーネ (el 13/06/15 a las 2:25 am)
If you don't like music like this...I AM SO SORRY LOL XD in honor of #bootyfriday lol Now I want to go clubbing >< lol #TGIF
Elena Fouda (el 20/05/15 a las 12:03 am)
Ass in greek means Κωλος and in this video writes γαιδουρι, which means donkey !!! Great translation
SultenZone (el 24/07/15 a las 7:39 am)
I only came here for Nicki.
Phyllisha Samuel (el 28/06/15 a las 3:39 pm)
I don't like to hear nicki minja sing, Ehen she sings, it songs like bullshit to me. Case close.
Im A StOnEr 420 (el 05/06/15 a las 5:45 pm)
Ass Ass Ass Ass :)
RezAIIDay (el 07/05/15 a las 1:34 am)
If you take time to read all of this, then thank you. Im a rapper, lets be honest theres thousands maybe even millions of those but not too many with ambition, dedication & a passion for the game. I don’t have the money for amazing music videos or big YouTube Advertisements. So all I’m left with is comments to expose my music. I would love? nothing more than a loyal following on YouTube If you could take a min and give me that chance ill make you a believer If you could also hit the "THUMBS UP" just so people know i exist. You don’t have to like me, just give me that chance to be liked :)
Addison M (el 27/04/15 a las 9:03 am)
Is this even considered music?

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